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The reference center

The Reference Center Project - Electronic Data Collection, is the result of a joint initiative between the Government of Brazil, the United Nations Population Fund and the Governments of Cape Verde and Senegal, aiming at the conception of a strategy of multiplying, for the countries of the African continent, the methodology developed by Brazil in 2010 to conduct a fully digital census. From this pioneering experience emerged the solutions and practices disseminated, thanks to a range of cooperation between the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and the Statistical Institutes of several African and Latin American countries..

Our support

Reference Centers provide support to NSIs in the stages of census mapping, technology infrastructure preparation, data collection and societal awareness


Strategies for communicating and attracting the support of various audiences and media at the electronic census stages.


Concepts and technical requirements for census mapping applied to electronic data collection.


Concepts and technical requirements for the assembly of the communication infrastructure and the information required for the collection of electronic data.


Strategies for monitoring and controlling collection with Mobile Collection Device.

Presentation of the center

The South-South trilateral technical cooperation project, Electronic Data Censorship Reference Centers in Africa, is a platform for the exchange of experiences and for the joint construction of innovative approaches that will enable the African statistical centers to become stronger in the next rounds of censuses.

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Training of NSIs